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Unique Decor Options with the Kiondo

Weaving appears to be a favorite pastime for women in many African communities. In Kenya the materials used for weaving are diverse and so are the styles and the products. Take sisal for instance, it can be used to produce mats, wall hangings and even table mats. But one of the most popular products from sisal weaving is the traditional sisal basket or kiondo as it is also known in […]


Incorporating Urban Art in Interior Decorating

Basically art is an expression of the perception and feelings of the artist. A painter uses the canvas creatively to display emotions that speak to the viewer. Over the years art has evolved and the current world happens have played a major role in the transformation of how art is expressed. Urban art is one such form of art that is vibrant and free with a concentration on city living. […]


The Unique Maasai Shuka in Interior Decor

The maasai are a unique people with such a rich cultural heritage that seems to embody the entire Kenyan culture. Their colors are vibrant and expressive and hence the popularity of the maasai shuka. They use this as a form of clothing but in recent times it is fast becoming a decor statement. The rich colors, mostly red, green and blue with a hint of white and black, are in […]


Low Coffee Tables: The New Trend

If you have ever been out trying to purchase coffee tables I am sure that you were assaulted with a variety of styles and colors.  The regular ones tend to be about 28 – 30 inches tall and can be found in most homes.  Low coffee tables however tend to much shorter than that.  They come off the floor just a few inches and when coupled with furniture as well […]


South American Art in Decor

Art can be summed up as an expression of culture and heritage. In some cases this can be the merging of several cultures resulting in a unique expression as is the case of South American art. South American art embraces art from all the South American countries including Mexico, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru and the rest of them. One significant thing is that art from this region has the same qualities […]


Introducing the Modular Sofa System

A modular sofa is a sofa that comes in several different modules or sections that can be arranged and rearranged into several different configurations depending on what you want.  They can be L-shaped, U – shaped or any other letter that you prefer.  Depending on the number of modules that you have you can actually create several difference sizes as well as shapes of a sofa.  You can turn your […]


Making a Grand Entrance with Unique Gates

You most definitely need a gate as an entrance to your home. Mostly you find it necessary for security purposes which is all very good but have you thought of it as a design statement? The fact that you have to have a secure home should not limit you to having a beautiful entrance. Most home owners are becoming aware of this fact and this is why you will find unique […]


Maintaining Beautiful Garden Decor with Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Home owners are more and more taking care of the garden and treating it as an extra room to decorate. The grounds are tended to with manicured lawns, flower beds and some trees both for shade and fruit. Furniture is also becoming more stylish and expressive such as rattan outdoor furniture and the design of this furniture is also becoming more elegant. This results in beautiful garden decor that is […]


Wooden Floors: The Different Wood Options

Wooden floors add beauty and elegance to the home.  They have a timeless look and give the home a warm feel.  There are 3 basic types of wooden floors to be discussed in this article.  They are hardwood floors, engineered wood and laminate wood flooring. Hardwood floors are made from solid wood.  Real or solid hardwood floors need to be nailed to a wooden sub- floor.  This kind of floor […]


5 FAQs on Land Buying in Kenya

1. Why invest in land? The value of land appreciates over the years and it is said to be the most solid investment. Property values have been found to double at least every seven to eight years, according to research, and in Kenya this seems to happen faster. 2. What are the payment terms for land buying? Payment for property sales in Kenya is usually a 10% deposit with the […]