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Play is very important to children. It helps them grow and develop physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. It is therefore important to have a child’s play area set up in the home where your children can retreat to with friends and just get to be children. This area can either be indoors or outdoors depending on the space available and the need. If space is not limited you can actually have a play area both in the house and in the yard so that wherever they are they can still have fun. There are some things to consider when setting up this area such as the space and the theme.

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Safety is a major concern for a child’s play area. It is amazing just how prone to injuries these little ones are. The surfaces on the play area must be such that they will not hurt the child during normal play. A carpeted floor and soft edged toys are ideal for safe play. When the play area is outside, a few inches of sand or natural grass will do just fine. This surface should be thick enough to cushion falls and avoid injuries. Consider enclosing the play area to avoid straying into unsafe areas in the house or outside the property.

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Make the play area captivating for the child by using colors that are inspirational and relaxing. Together with this, go for a theme that will make the area interesting and inviting for the child such as fairylands or super heroes. The toys and equipment that you choose for your child’s play area should be fun and well constructed for safety’s sake. Large toys, especially, should be well spaced so as to avoid accidental bumping. Create the play area so that it is conducive for play; not too hot nor too cold. Remember the main theme should always be fun, fun, fun.

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